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Be Kind and Respectful

Together let’s build a positive, welcoming environment where everyone feels safe to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback. Let’s be supportive, respect individual opinions, and report inappropriate posts if needed.

Be Relevant—We’re Here to Learn About Thinkific

The goal of this community is to help Course Creators like you become successful with Thinkific and learn about Course Creation. Promotion of any other course platforms, posts that don't encourage discussion, or posts that aren't relevant to this learning goal will be deleted.

Give More Than You Take—No Solicitations

This includes self-promotion, unsolicited direct messages, spamming, links to offers, posing as Thinkific Experts or Partners, and any selling disguised as content or help posts with the purpose of lead generation. These types of posts will be removed to ensure we stay focused on meaningful discussion.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment

You should respectfully challenge ideas, but never directly attack a person. Any posts, comments, or DMs to members or admins that are inappropriate, rude, or aggressive will be immediately removed. This includes posts that spread misinformation & are disruptive to the group.

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